Welcome to Engineering Sciences Department

Being one of the largest and most versatile TIT training departments, and with almost 40 years of glorious training experience countrywide, we have always focused our plans on the basis of entrepreneurship and recruitment, as well as the promotion of job and knowledge level of engineers and specialists.

Availing experienced instructors and professional curriculum, as well as offering advanced facilities and equipment have made our services available in various modes of short-and-long programs, seminars, and specialized workshops.

Through sincere efforts of the team, Department of Engineering Sciences has received various awards and acknowledgments, and obtained the highest levels of individual and corporate customer satisfaction during the period of its activities.

Currently, the Department of Engineering Sciences offers courses focusing on software, theory and practice:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Industry
  • Oil and Gas
  • Architecture
  • Industrial Design
  • Installation
  • Surveying and GIS
  • Environment
  • Nano Technology
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Materials and Metallurgy

Contact to the Department

+98 21 2729