Welcome to Health Knowledge Department

Coinciding with the 35th anniversary of establishment of Tehran Institute of Technology (T.I.T.), the Department of Health Knowledge inaugurated its activities in February 2015.

This department is active in the fields of “Skin and Beauty”, “Psychology and Psychological Tests”, “Nutrition” as well as “Traditional Medicine”, etc., and has always moved in line with the T.I.T. slogan of “Organizational Excellence”, “Improvement and Promotion of Health Culture and Public Hygiene”, and has followed its social responsibilities through making use of its educational policies, instructors, and professional physicians of the realm, and has used  the latest educational methods and approaches for the sake of people empowerment.

This department has executed various successful courses and has been of applicants’ keen interest. Currently the Department of Health Knowledge offers:

  • Skin care
  • Hair Care
  • Beauty and Body Fitness           
  • Face skin cleansing
  • Ladies Self Make-Up
  • First Aid
  • Public Hygiene and knowledge of diseases
  • Mental and Emotional Health in the Workplace
  • Facial Massage
  • Secrets of Effective Dialogue
  • Positive Psychology
  • Self-Management
  • Psychology of Money and Wealth Creation
  • Trading with National and International Laws of Immunity and Food Health, HACCP
  • Nutrition

Contact to the Department

+98 21 2729